Potteric Carr Visitor Centre Shows Optics Success

The new visitor centre at Potteric Carr has arrived, been built and opened on time and under budget. It comprises a modular building constructed off site and shipped to Doncaster down the A1 from the North East in 14 pieces, all completed in 11 weeks.

Opticron's Northern Area Sales Manager Chris Galvin was there for a "try and buy" optics event on November 27th. Of the new visitor centre, he commented: "This a great new build that is airy, comfortable and finally with a cafe in the same building. Yorkshire Wildlife Trust are rightly proud of this building and the timescale it took to get it operational. Centre manager Richard Sykes reports that for the first two days in the new centre, footfall is five times what it would normally be on a November weekend".

Chris and Richard were both pleased with sales at the event and have already planned more for 2017. See our Events Calendar here for more information.