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    Water Sports

    Paddling your canoe along a slow-moving river will often bring you into sight of bank-side birds or mammals. If your choice of water is the sea, then sea birds or cetaceans may be your companions. A waterproof monocular can be operated one-handed, allowing you to hang on tight to your paddle whilst taking in the view.


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    • DBA VHD Plus Monoculars

      Compact, high quality field monoculars for the space and weight conscious, the Opticron DBA VHD+ is designed for the professional & enthusiast looking for an unrivalled combination of performance, comfort and ergonomics.

    • BGA Monoculars

      Compact, quality field monoculars for the space and weight conscious, BGA monoculars deliver the user a viewing experience similar to a pair of standard size roof prism binoculars in a pocket size instrument measuring only 43x136mm.

    • Marine Monoculars

      Designed with a large exit pupil for maximum brightness and a huge depth of focus for ease of use, the Marine-3 7x50 BIF.GA monocular is built to meet the demands of the enthusiast and professional mariner.

    • WP Monoculars

      Compact, robust, fully armoured, take-anywhere field monoculars available in range of specifications to suit individual applications.

    • T4 Trailfinder WP Monoculars

      Palm sized and protected in a choice of black or green rubber armour, the T4 Trailfinder WP offers genuine quality and value for anyone interested in owning and using a pocket monocular while out walking or hiking. Long eye relief and a wide field of view combine with slide bar focusing for easy one hand operation.

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