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    Telephotography and Digiscoping

    Telephotography and digiscoping is easier than ever to enjoy using Opticron fieldscopes in combination with a wide range of imaging devices. If you are thinking about taking photos and video through your fieldscope we currently offer the following options:

    • Phonescoping with a suitable smartphone
    • Telephotography with an SLR, D-SLR or compact system camera

    For more information about the options available, see our Digiscoping Guide here.


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    • Photoadapters

      We offer a range of Push-fit Photoadapters and Telephotoadapters for our Fieldscopes. Push-fit Photoadapters fit onto selected HR, HDF and SDL eyepieces. The 40215 Telephotoadapter replaces the viewing eyepiece.

    • Photoadapters for Smartphones

      Opticron smartphone photoadapters are a simple and flexible way to securely mount a smartphone onto a spottingscope or binocular eyepiece and shoot video or take photos.

    • T Mounts

      T-mounts are needed to connect SLR and CS camera bodies to Telephotoadapters and Photoadapters. They are available in a wide range to match individual manufacturers camera lens systems

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