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    MM4 Travelscopes

    The MM4 GA ED is the latest evolution of the popular Travelscope concept pioneered by Opticron over 20 years ago. Combining all the features that make our travelscopes the #1 choice for thousands of users the world over, the latest MM4 GA ED series continue to deliver our maxim; “smaller, lighter, brighter, sharper” to anyone searching for a supremely compact & versatile high quality instrument for long range accurate observation while on the move.

    Designed & manufactured in Japan, the compact HDF ED optical system creates a 50mm that measures 205mm/8.1" and a 60mm 260mm/10.2". Constructed from lightweight materials, an MM4 weighs about the same as pair of 42mm binoculars and can be used without a support for crystal clear flat-field observation at magnifications below 20x. Unlike binoculars, they deliver stunning clarity and definition up to 36x (50mm) and 45x (60mm) when fitted with the SDL zoom eyepiece. Compatible with HR2/3, HDF and SDL eyepieces, existing fieldscope owners can use their eyepiece with an MM4 body. 


    Code Body TypeLens Dia. (mm)Close Focus (m)WaterproofLength (mm)Weight (g) SRP
    4122645 deg angled502.5Yes205619£369.00
    4122845 deg angled603.5Yes260779£469.00
    4137145 deg angled502.5Yes260841£508.00
    4133945 deg angled502.5Yes255879£718.00
    4137345 deg angled603.5Yes3151001£608.00
    4134945 deg angled603.5Yes3101039£818.00