Traveller BGA ED Binoculars

    “Smaller, Lighter, Brighter, Sharper” the Traveller BGA ED sets the standard for compact high quality 32mm field binoculars. Measuring 119x115mm/4.7x4.5” and weighing under 460g/16oz, the compact optical system delivers wide field 8.2° (8x32) and 6.5° (10x32) with unparalleled cross-field resolution, light transmission and colour correction. Manufactured to the highest standards the Traveller BGA ED offers the outdoor sports and wildlife enthusiast an exciting alternative to premium brands at a fraction of the price.


    Code SizeField of View (m@1000m)Close Focus (m)Eye Relief (mm)IPD Range (mm)WaterproofDimensions LxWxD (mm)Weight (g) SRP