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Watch Wildlife Locally

While we're exercising social distancing measures, it struck me that we can still still enjoy wildlife watching from home & during our daily outdoor exercise. To help you, each day we’ll pick a few postcodes & highlight the places that should be watchable from surrounding homes & gardens. We're hoping that the tag #postcodewildlife will be picked up by other organisations.

And by tagging National Biodiversity Network, BTO British Trust for Ornithology, Mammal Mapper App, Butterfly Conservation, Bumblebee Conservation Trust, British Dragonfly Society and similar organisations, hopefully we can encourage people to sign up to submit sightings data to build on the valuable data they already have and which is crucial for monitoring and conserving our wonderful wildlife. We’ll be using #postcodewildlife to tag these posts and Tweets.

Enjoying nature, whether it be from home or on your daily walk, will benefit your mental health and sharing what you see will help these organisations plan to protect it for years to come.

Enjoy wildlife watching safely.

Pete Gamby - Sales and Marketing Manager